The Autistic Gardener-did you catch it?


ALAN Gardner is an in-demand garden designer, having won numerous awards for his work.

He is hosting a new show called ‘The Autistic Gardener’ which is currently being shown on Channel 4 on a Wednesday evening at 8.00pm- did you see it?

The Award winning gardener leads a team of autistic keen green-fingered amatures who will use their unique skillset to transform unloved, unruly and unkept gardens across the country, as part of a new TV series called The Autistic Gardener.

Alan believes people on the autistic spectrum have a potentially special gift when it comes to creating beautiful spaces, and he aims to challenge misconceptions about autism by showing how the team’s talents can flourish in a gardening environment.

The next edition will be shown on Channel 4 on Wednesday 29th July 2015 at 8.00pm